Main Streets YYC

Public input is shaping a street near you.

Innovation in New Complete Community

Westman Village brings “firsts” to YYC.

Report: Population Update 2016

Projections from Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Vibrant Communities Equal a Thriving Economy

A compact YYC brings economic benefits

The Municipal Government Act

Aligning a Province for Smarter Growth

Industry and City Collaborate on Work Plan

Finding further efficiencies for funding growth.

Secondary Suites in YYC

Our new video reviews 7 widely held beliefs about secondary suites, and presents the research.

The Urban Revival

Why are more people moving downtown than ever before?

One clear voice for the building industry

CHBA and UDI unite as one to help shape Calgary’s future.

Calgary's Green Spaces may be Making us Smarter

And here’s the science to tell us how.

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