New Energy Codes for Alberta Homes

How will they affect you?

Mixed-Use is All Benefits

Creating Neighbourhoods to Live, Work, and Play

Fearless Renovation (with a little help)

RenoMark™ Helps Homeowners Renovate With Confidence.

Your Voice Shapes Your City

Using Dialogue To Influence The Future Of The Calgary Region.

Designing streets for safety

Artificial Intelligence Can Prove Old Theories.

Net Zero Energy Homes Give Back What They Take

Greater Energy Efficiency in Today’s New Homes.

Report: Planning for the Future

One Neighbourhood at a Time.


A Movement For Embracing Change.

Report: Calgary Civic Census 2016

How Has Housing Changed This Year?

Main Streets YYC

Public Input is Shaping a Street Near You.

Innovation in New Complete Community

Westman Village Brings “Firsts” to YYC.

Report: Population Update 2016

Projections from Alberta Treasury Board and Finance.

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