A Garden Variety Community

Legacy is growing green.

Biophilia in YYC

And the Best Architect Award Goes to: Mother Nature.

What’s Happening in Your Hood?

The Planning and Development Map Knows What’s Up.

A Step in the Right Direction

New Calgary Communities Get Walking Again.

The Steps to Redevelopment

The building process in a developed neighbourhood.

What Is Gentle Density and Why Do We Need It?

Our cities are growing from the inside out — and it’s a good thing.

The Market Wants What the Market Wants

The Demand for Single Family Homes Is Still on the Rise in Calgary.

The Path of a Development Application

Policy and planning checkpoints that steer the process.

Building Our City

Guy Huntingford, CEO of BILD Calgary Region, shares his insights on the future of development in Calgary.

New Arts and Culture District

Big plans for big changes in Victoria Park.

Urban Densification

Creating thriving mixed-use communities.

10 Ways to Have Your Say

On urban growth and planning.

New Energy Codes for Alberta Homes

How will they affect you?

Designing streets for safety

Artificial intelligence can prove old theories.

Net Zero Energy Homes Give Back What They Take

Greater energy efficiency in today’s new homes.

Main Streets YYC

Public input is shaping a street near you.

Innovation in New Complete Community

Westman Village brings “Firsts” to YYC.

Industry and City Collaborate on Work Plan

Finding further efficiencies for funding growth.

Lessons in Urban LRT

Looking at the Green Line from a community view.

Build Calgary

The City’s initiative manages growth through true collaboration.

A Compact Calgary

Does a growing population mean we have to grow out?

The 7 Goals of Calgary's MDP

Calgary has a growth management playbook. Here’s how it’ll help.

5 Types of Redevelopment in Calgary

Communities must be constantly reimagined and redesigned to stay vibrant.

Cities Never Sleep

To be a city is to be constantly designed – and redesigned.

"Design and Defend" is Dead

Community engagement by Calgary developers at new standard.

Better Business Through Diversity

Innovation and small business are cornerstones to Calgary's growth.

The “S” Word

Calgary is often called an example of urban sprawl. But is it that simple?

Looking down the road at traffic solutions

Can greater density solve Calgary’s traffic crunch?

A Fine Balance

We need to grow up, in and out.

Report: Alberta Cities at the Crossroads

Does Calgary really have anything to learn from Toronto?

The Fading Distinction Between City and Suburb

A recent study suggests the demarcation between suburban and urban is no longer obvious.

Population Density in Your Community

What are the most and least dense communities in Calgary? This interactive map helps you find out.