Millennial Home Buying? The Struggle is Real.

Young Canadians won’t miss out — just get creative.

Energy Efficient Homes in YYC - The Time is Now

Why is 2017 the year of building green?

A City Charter for Calgary

Developing customized legislation to meet local needs.

Urban Densification

Creating thriving mixed-use communities.

The Urban Revival

Why are more people moving downtown than ever before?

Build Calgary

The City’s initiative manages growth through true collaboration.


The City of Calgary’s plan for $22 billion investment in infrastructure and services is everyone’s business – and a great read.

Calgary's young population demands diverse housing

Calgary’s Millennials want density and walkability.

Rooms for Rent

See what’s happening in the rental market.

Counting Lots

A new Calgary Lot Supply Report means better and faster decisions, and, therefore, money saved.

Location, location, price.

Some quick math says 80% can’t afford to live near downtown.

Report: Alberta Population Update

Still growing, but slowing.

Report: RE/MAX Housing Outlook

Modest price increases predicted.

The Next Wave

What will gen Y want when they buy?

City vs Suburbs

What costs more: city or suburb living?

Infrastructure Improvements

Connecting new communities is costly. Who pays what?

Designed by Success

Let’s stay one of the most livable cities in the world.