Designing Civic Engagement

Urban designers’ responsibilities reach beyond aesthetics.

A Garden Variety Community

Legacy is growing green.

Biophilia in YYC

And the Best Architect Award Goes to: Mother Nature.

Energy Efficient Homes in YYC - The Time is Now

Why is 2017 the year of building green?

Urban Analysis in the Digital Age

We Built This City on… The Urban Network Analysis Tool.

New Arts and Culture District

Big plans for big changes in Victoria Park.

Urban Densification

Creating thriving mixed-use communities.

Build Calgary

The City’s initiative manages growth through true collaboration.

Age 65+: Rising Fast

Calgary is facing a huge boom in boomers – how are we preparing the housing market to keep them comfortable for as long as possible?

The Micro Units Movement

Do tiny homes have a future in Canada?

8 Urban Design Buzzwords to Know

From densification to woonerf – a guide to urban planning jargon.

A Natural Cure For Urban Stress

Biophilic design could hold the key to building better cities.

Taller Small Buildings

Taller wooden buildings could be a game-changer for Calgary’s housing crunch.

See You in Helsinki

Citizen feedback creates innovative future plans.

Centres of Innovation

Our population explosion creates a hotbed of productivity.

What’s a MAC?

Creating community with major activity centres.

Diverse Dwellings in our Future

Industry voices discuss whether Calgary should grow up, or out.

What is a City?

Think a city is a bunch of buildings? It’s not quite that simple.

Growing Smarter

A little density, a lot of sustainability.