The Steps to Redevelopment

The building process in a developed neighbourhood.

What Is Gentle Density and Why Do We Need It?

Our cities are growing from the inside out — and it’s a good thing.

A City Charter for Calgary

Developing customized legislation to meet local needs.

The Path of a Development Application

Policy and planning checkpoints that steer the process.

Building Our City

Guy Huntingford, CEO of BILD Calgary Region, shares his insights on the future of development in Calgary.

Get Connected: The Calgary Transportation Plan

A long-term plan for how Calgarians get around.

Land Supply Process

Creating a schedule for development.

Do we need another McNally Report?

Is it time for a third-party review of governance in the Calgary Region?

New Arts and Culture District

Big plans for big changes in Victoria Park.

Understanding Developer Levies

A proposed new off-site levy bylaw is hitting the news. What’s it all about?

Build Calgary

The City’s initiative manages growth through true collaboration.

Report: Developed Areas Growth and Change

Research from The City of Calgary's Geodemographics department.

Citizens have their say

Calgarians help find funding solutions for expensive infrastructure.

Councillor Farrell on Growth

Solutions to consider from City Hall.

City Policy for Better Health

The look and feel of Calgary’s streets is changing.

Easing the Housing Crunch

The CEO of the Urban Development Institute, Calgary, weighs in on housing solutions.

Urban Vibrancy

Six passionate Calgarians speak out about Calgary’s housing issues.

Report: Alberta Population Projection

Alberta Treasury Board and Finance looks forward to 2041.