The greying of Canada’s cities

Shifting demographics mean urban areas must stay energetic and vital.

An economic workout

The ActiveCITY Coalition seeks to get Calgary — and Calgarians — moving.

Net zero is a net positive

Living in a net zero home lets homeowners save money on bills. And that means we can all breathe easier.

Renters Get Their Due

The market for apartments is currently a bright spot in Calgary. It just might have long-term benefits as well.

All Hail the Bus

The ride-share concept comes to the business of connecting people.

What goes where?

A city’s land use bylaw reveals how it thinks about growth.

Building for the new neighbours

Working in established urban areas presents unique challenges.

Facts in the ground

A new strategy looks to remove some of the hurdles to redevelopment in Calgary.

Are you engaged?

Talking and listening are key parts of the redevelopment process.