Spotlight on Sidewalk Toronto

Planning a precedent-setting smart community.

Who Will Make Our Cities Smart?

A strategic roadmap to planning smart city projects.

Growing Together

What are growth management boards and how do they benefit citizens?
In this video, learn about what Growth Management Boards are and why they were mandated for Alberta's two largest cities.

Mixed Feelings on Mixed-Use

Mixed-use developments are usually considered good urban planning, but is there a downside?

Supply-Side Solutions

A CMHC report says housing affordability is a supply issue.

Plants Versus Pipes

What can Calgary learn from Philadelphia’s visionary green stormwater infrastructure project?

Is Calgary a Child-Friendly City?

Playgrounds are great, but they’re just the beginning.

A New Generation of City Builders

Engagement programs invite young Calgarians to contribute.

The Future of Parkades

Parking garages are made for cars, but they should be built with other uses in mind.