Smarter Growth Initiative Calgary

The Smarter Growth Initiative (SGI) fosters informed and engaged conversation on topics that affect the Calgary Region’s growth by providing balanced, researched-based information on issues surrounding planning and development.

Sponsored by the Building Land Development Association (BILD Calgary Region), SGI publishes original and curated articles, books in PDF format, short videos, monthly newsletters and social media posts. SGI provides up-to-date, accurate explanations on the ongoing forces that are shaping our cities, towns and counties.

SGI resources are created for anyone and everyone who wants to understand the facts behind development-related matters like housing affordability, land supply, policy changes and more.

We encourage you to share or publish our information. Thank you! Accurate information and open conversations lead to smarter decisions. And a smarter approach to growth will help to ensure that the Calgary Region continues to be one of the most inviting and livable parts of the world.

October 13th, 2014
Updated: September 15th, 2017