The City of Calgary’s plan for $22 billion investment in infrastructure and services is everyone’s business – and a great read.

With a budget recently passed unanimously by City Council, the next four years will see a spend of approximately $22 billion on capital infrastructure.

The City of Calgary’s Action Plan identifies priorities, goals and budgets for infrastructure spending, department by department. It’s a huge amount of information, but the Citizen Summary does a terrific job of compressing it into an understandable and interesting document.

The first section of the Citizen Summary outlines the five priorities that set the direction for the next four years. These priorities reflect the voices of Calgarians after an inclusive and broad-reaching engagement period. Here are some highlights of actions and investments:

A prosperous city

A city of inspiring neighbourhoods

A city that moves

  • Connect roads to new communities and the integration with the ring road
  • Plan and implement pedestrian strategy

A healthy and green city

  • Promote brownfield redevelopment
  • Integrate watershed planning with land use planning
  • Work with communities to maintain and upgrade Parks’ open space to address changing community needs
  • Maintain a supply of serviced land in developing, developed and industrial areas to align with growth and change

A well-run city

“Action Plan connects The City's day-to-day operations with long-term plans, citizen engagement, performance measurement and reporting, trends, our long range plans and, of course, Council Priorities.” 
- Mayor Nenshi

You can get informed by downloading the complete Action Plan Citizen Summary and by joining the conversation at www.

December 28th, 2015
Updated: January 3rd, 2018

You can learn an awful lot about Calgary’s budget and plan in the 44 highly visual pages of the Citizen Summary.