Growing Together

What are growth management boards and how do they benefit citizens?
In this video, learn about what Growth Management Boards are and why they were mandated for Alberta's two largest cities.

From Dirt to Door

The fifth booklet in a series that takes a look at the big picture of infrastructure investment.
We’re all concerned with Calgary’s high cost of housing. This book helps you understand the cost of your new home, whether it’s in a new community or part of a revitalization of an established neighbourhood.

10 Ways to Have Your Say

On urban growth and planning.

4 Factors in Housing Affordability

Understanding influences on housing costs.

The Municipal Government Act

Aligning a province for Smarter Growth.

Secondary Suites in YYC

Our new video reviews 7 widely held beliefs about secondary suites, and presents the research.


Why say "Yes" to redevelopment next door? Our video explains.

Who Pays For What

Learn how infrastructure is currently funded, and what new revenue streams could be considered for the future.

Housing Availability in Calgary

This video explains why it’s critical to keep planning for growth even during an economic slow down.

Property Tax 101

Residential property taxes can be confusing. This video and guide help you understand what it all means.

The Changing Face of Calgary

How demographic trends impact Calgary's housing demand.

Raising A Smart City

Why Calgary will grow in, in order to grow up.

How to Build a Great City

A look at the growth challenges facing a booming city.