Citizens have their say

Calgarians help find funding solutions for expensive infrastructure.

The Calgary Chamber sparked a public conversation about Calgary’s infrastructure needs and how to pay for them. A randomly selected group of 36 Calgarians have been receiving education, carefully deliberating and imagining how The City of Calgary might address its infrastructure deficit. Along with input from a public round table, the Commission will offer its public report to Chamber and City Council later this month.

How can citizens help solve an issue, and what’s the problem? Mayor Nenshi sums it up:

“Since I’ve been mayor, Calgary has experienced three of the five largest annual population increases in our history. A growing population of more than 1.12 million Calgarians puts significant strain on our municipal infrastructure. It is important that we have an open, thoughtful, and honest dialogue with Calgarians about the consequences of this growth and the potential solutions to accommodate that growth and ensure the high quality of life Calgarians have come to expect. I commend the Calgary Chamber for taking the initiative on this important issue, and I look forward to the final report of the Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure at the end of the year."

The City’s revenue currently comes from four places:

  1. Levies and fees paid by developers
  2. Utilities rates paid by all residents and businesses
  3. Property tax
  4. Government grants

The Commission set out to answer several questions, including:

  • What infrastructure investments are needed to support growth and maintain a high quality of life?
  • How should residents, businesses, and users pay for the City’s expanding infrastructure needs?

The Commission was designed and hosted by experts in public deliberation. An Advisory Committee made contributions to the process with their expertise in cities and infrastructure financing, and key stakeholders from Calgary’s social organizations and business community participated as advisors, as well.

You can learn more about the Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure, and sign up for updates on the Calgary Chamber Commission website. 

November 11th, 2015
Updated: January 3rd, 2018

The Calgary Chamber helps Calgarians weigh in on infrastructure.