A City’s Roadmap

What’s being developed where, and when?

As Calgary’s population continues to climb toward the predicted two million (or so) residents by 2041, our city will evolve faster than ever before.

Leading and responding to a quickly expanding city requires vision and a plan. The City of Calgary’s award-winning Municipal Development Plan (MDP) contains hundreds of policies that will shape how Calgary grows and develops over the next 60 years.

Like many complex undertakings, the MDP has some lingo we should know to help us understand what will happen in our communities. What’s a “developed area” versus an “established area"? What’s “pph” and how has it changed?

View 22 short videos that explain the major aspects of the MDP. You can start anywhere, so here’s one that explains what we mean by “developed area". You’ll need to know that, because the MDP set the goal that in the next 60 years, 50% of our cumulative population growth will be accommodated in our developed areas. 

Visit the City of Calgary website to read the entire Municipal Development Plan or learn how we’ve been successful so far in achieving its goals. 

September 29th, 2015
Updated: January 3rd, 2018

It’s critical to know The City’s plan for our future.