Condos go high-tech

New multi-family developments offer amenities for our connected times.

Bike parking is so 2000.

That’s not to say that condominium residents don’t appreciate a secure place to store their bicycles. But as building amenities go, it has become standard or at least expected. These days, potential buyers are looking for other things.

Condo developers are adapting to our changing times by offering a host of new amenities, including, yes, plenty of bike parking. The Canadian Press recently reported, that Toronto’s Line 5 condominium will have hot and cold storage areas in the lobby so residents can have their dinner or groceries waiting for them when they get home. 

Admittedly, Line 5 is an upscale development. Besides a pool and party lounge, it will have a demonstration kitchen, pet spa and an art studio. But the building is part of a growing trend in which developers are tailoring their projects to accommodate our connected times. Features like dedicated pickup and drop-off points for residents who use Uber and Lyft are becoming common.

In Calgary, the N3 condo tower was built without parking. Each new owner gets a Car2Go membership and a bicycle. And One6, a new apartment building on 16th Avenue NW, includes parking reserved for Car2Go vehicles.

The trend to accommodate new technology has reached its peak in (where else?) Los Angeles, that city of dreams. The Ten50 condo tower will have a landing pad to accommodate drone deliveries. (Until those become widespread, it can presumably host outdoor yoga sessions.)

Condo-specific social media apps like JazLife and Bazinga are also catching on. The apps provide a social network for residents of a given building and a way for them to reserve guest parking, file maintenance requests and pay condo fees. 

These sorts of innovations are behind a recent report in Forbes that identifies technology and connectivity as being one of the top three condo amenities of 2018. The magazine adds that amenities seen in luxury hotels are making the move to home. These include business centres and co-working spaces as well as smart technology that allows residents to control heat and lights remotely.

It all means that the future will be wired — and cozy.

April 15th, 2019
Updated: April 16th, 2019

Ummm, a high-tech looking condo building? Nothing in the article that we can show – unless it’s a drone flying to the condo drone landing pad…