"Design and Defend" is Dead

Community engagement by Calgary developers at new standard.

Developers and builders have been upping their game on community engagement over the past several years. The notion of creating and presenting a design before citizens are fully engaged is now foreign. Instead, engagement plans roll out early in the game, and are robust and productive. The Everyday Tourist Richard White tells us more in his blog post “Calgary Community Engagement: Raising the Bar Again!

As an example of a great engagement process, Mr. White looks at how Brookfield has begun exploring the Kingsland Market development.

“Brookfield is meeting with the neighbours and community even BEFORE they buy the land to determine how the community feels about the idea of transforming the site into a 21st century urban village.  There are no plans, no sketches, no pretty pictures of what might be; it is just a blank slate until they get the community’s input. I am not aware of any developer to date being so proactive in Calgary.”

- image via Brookfield Residential

Learn how you can lend your voice to the Kingsland Market project and stay up to date on its progress on the Brookfield Residential website. 

September 23rd, 2015
Updated: September 14th, 2017

More and more the city's developers are including residents and citizens in development planning.