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What do Calgarians think about housing? Our new study tells us.

The real estate landscape in Calgary continues to change and evolve as our city matures. Shifting demographics and a rapidly growing population mean new housing demands and preferences.

How have these changes influenced our collective perceptions of the city’s housing? Are Calgarians satisfied with how the city has managed growth?

We commissioned a new survey by ThinkHQ Public Affairs, “YYC Growth Benchmark 2015,” to answer these questions and much more.

The report includes a wealth of data on multiple topics, but let’s look at a few key categories: housing type preferences, what we look for in a community and location when we buy a home, and opinions on how The City of Calgary is managing our growth.

Housing type preferences

Almost half (49%) of the participants will consider buying a new residence in the next five years. Here’s what they’ll want:

51% would likely buy a single family, detached house in Calgary
12% would likely buy a condo in a building of six storeys or less
12% would likely buy a semi-detached home

Community preferences

76% of Calgarians rate the quality of life in their neighbourhood as “good” overall
91% of respondents said that community safety is important when choosing a new neighbourhood
85% feel affordability plays an important role in choice of community

Location preferences

25% of the participants said they prefer older, established communities
21% prefer inner city/downtown communities
28% said they would strongly or somewhat consider living in an inner city condo

How’s The City of Calgary doing at managing growth?

59% of participants agreed that the city has done a good job so far
62% agreed with Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan density targets
52% of participants oppose a significant increase in housing density in their neighbourhood, however;
48% said that re-development in existing area benefits those communities
78% of people agree that those who benefit from growth should also pay for it

Overall, Calgarians seem to be happy with their communities and supportive of the direction set by the city’s leadership when it comes to growth planning. There remains an overwhelming demand for single, detached houses amongst homebuyers, while safety and affordability continue to be primary factors when evaluating where to live. 

October 9th, 2015
Updated: September 18th, 2017

A study of how people feel about housing in Calgary.