Get Connected: The Calgary Transportation Plan

A long-term plan for how Calgarians get around.

The Calgary Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the official guide for our city’s physical growth — but it’s only half the story. The Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP), a 95-page guide to connectivity in Calgary, is the MDP’s other half. The Plans were approved by City Council on September 28, 2009, and together they act as a guide for growth and development in Calgary over the next 60 years. 

For developers and planners, the MDP and the CTP are inseparable. The Plans steer the development decision-making process and align it with The City’s social, economic and environmental objectives. To ensure the MDP and CTP can be implemented successfully, The City created a guide in 2011 that interprets and clarifies the two plans.

While the MDP focuses on land use, the CTP is concerned with connectivity: It guides the way people, goods and services move within and between Calgary’s communities and employment centres. To better explain the goals and policies of the CTP, The City has created this series of videos.

“Having two integrated plans for Land Use and Transportation allows us to work towards complete communities that are well connected with a variety of transportation options, including walking, cycling, transit and automobiles.”

- Don Mulligan, Director of Transportation Planning for The City.

The role of the CTP is to build a city in which viable multi-modal transportation options are widely available. It includes goals, policies and monitoring standards for improving connectivity. But how do you measure connectivity to determine whether or not it’s improving?

The CTP applies a “connectivity index” to outline plans for future communities. It measures average movement along each element of a local transportation network, including streets (expressways and residential) and pathways (multi-use, cycling and walking). The Draft Connectivity Handbook, a supplement to the CTP, is a how-to guide that City planners and development applicants use for measuring connectivity.

Another significant component of the CTP is the Complete Streets initiative, which aims to create more livable neighbourhoods through better street design. The Complete Streets Policy and Guide, which was approved by City Council on November 3, 2014, is a plan that helps us accommodate a range of transportation modes: walking, cycling, transit, and driving. Not only is Complete Streets a sustainable approach to connectivity, it’s also intended to improve road safety and accessibility, support economic growth and public health, and to make Calgary’s streets more attractive.

The CTP and the MDP are the guides that will help us move Calgary toward a more sustainable future, and make it a better place for all of us to live.

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March 3rd, 2017
Updated: September 14th, 2017

An introduction to the Calgary Transportation Plan, which is used alongside the MDP to guide long-term growth.