The Fading Distinction Between City and Suburb

A recent study suggests the demarcation between suburban and urban is no longer obvious.

A study by Markus Moos of the University of Waterloo and Pablo Mendez of Carleton University claims that not only cities are looking more like suburbs – suburbs are looking more like cities. It seems that as high-income people return to cities and urban neighbourhoods, they bring much of their suburban lifestyle with them.

Here’s part of what they say:

“Cities are resurgent, but their comeback also calls into question our basic models of "urban" and "suburban," blurring the hard and fast lines between them… high-income people living in advantaged urban and suburban neighborhoods lead essentially similar lives. While their urban neighborhoods might be denser and have more tall buildings, and their suburban communities have larger lots and more single-family homes, people living in both types of communities shop in similar stores, send their kids to similar schools and enjoy similar amenities.”

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October 23rd, 2014
Updated: September 18th, 2017

The lines between “urban” and ”suburban” are blurring.