Industry and City Collaborate on Work Plan

Finding further efficiencies for funding growth.

Who pays for growth is a challenge in every city and town in Canada and beyond. Recently, The City of Calgary passed a new Off-site Levy Bylaw, created in collaboration with The City, detailing the fees and levies developers pay to The City as growth occurs.

The new agreement ensures that those who benefit from growth pay their proportionate share. But The City and industry are collaborating further, going beyond the basic numbers. An ongoing Work Plan has been developed to resolve issues identified during the process of revising the bylaw. 

 “At the end of the day when you look at the total cost of development, levies play a part, but definitely not the only part. Ease of approvals, regulations, financing and time-to-market all play a role in the big development picture.”

- Guy Huntingford, Co-CEO, CHBA - UDI Calgary Region Association 

The Work Plan will look at the entire process of growth and determine where efficiencies can be beneficial to the homebuyer.  A committee of City administration and industry partners has received direction from council to implement the Work Plan. Their job is to review the impacts of both the off-site levies and community service charges and other development related policies, processes and strategies.

The bylaw itself covers every detail for off-site infrastructure that is necessary for growth, including:

  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Water distribution and wastewater collection infrastructure
  • Drainage infrastructure
  • Transportation Infrastructure

And, because both industry and The City understand that a community is much more than infrastructure and houses, developers also pay charges to cover things like:

  • Emergency response stations
  • Recreations centres
  • Public libraries
  • Transit buses
  • Police district stations

Keeping the price of homes affordable is a critical issue for Calgary. Administration and industry would like to continue with the collaborative approach on important work that was started as part of the Off-site Levy Bylaw process.

“Our support for the increased levies was conditional on the approval by council of the work plan and we got it… I can’t emphasize how important this is to our industry, as it sets a clear path to solving some serious issues that have plagued our industry for years.”

- Guy Huntingford

Collaboration is key to fiscal efficiency, better policies and innovative funding for growth. The City and industry continue to find ways to act responsibly on behalf of all Calgarians.

Download a full report to the learn more about the specifics of the Work Plan and the Off-site Levy Bylaw. 

May 6th, 2016
Updated: September 14th, 2017

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