Innovation in New Complete Community

Westman Village brings “Firsts” to YYC.

A “complete community” is a development practice that enhances the quality of everyday life by concentrating growth in hubs of diverse dwellings and land uses. 

Calgary has been developing them both in urban and suburban areas. Some over time, like Kensington and Inglewood, and some brand-new, like Westman Village in Mahogany.

This new project by Jayman Built is the first planned community in Calgary with purpose-built rental-only units. There are also homes for seniors offering varying levels of care, and, naturally, bungalows and condos for homebuyers among the 887 units.

Complete communities typically have a centre for physical activity and social gatherings. Beyond some unusual amenities such as a demo kitchen and a golf simulator, something else makes this centre the first of its kind: residents can arrive by tunnel or +15, never having to step outside on a blustery day.

Calgary is ready for innovation as we continue to build a more compact, sustainable and vibrant city. Complete communities are a critical part of that vision. The goals of complete communities are:

  • Make the most of the city’s footprint with increased density
  • Inspire work and play in your neighbourhood to reduce car dependence
  • Encourage a better quality of living throughout a person’s life with activities and support for all ages.

Today’s new neighbourhoods have been conceived as complete communities. What will be next in planning innovation for Calgary’s smarter growth? 

June 29th, 2016
Updated: September 14th, 2017