Land Supply Process

Creating a schedule for development.

From concept to final construction, a new community is years in the making — and there are usually multiple communities under development at a time. When the City of Calgary approves a development project, it must also determine the optimal time for that project to get rolling.

This Build Calgary video explains the Land Supply Process, a balancing act that takes several factors into account from Calgary’s projected growth to the readiness of development projects. To gather this information and to create an efficient sequence for development, The City, builders and developers must work as a team. 

To learn more, read our book, "From Dirt to Door,” to understand the entire process: who does the work, which stakeholder pays for what, how long it takes and where you fit in. 


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February 24th, 2017
Updated: September 14th, 2017

Industry and City collaborate to determine areas of growth.