Lessons in Urban LRT

Looking at the Green Line from a community view.

Councillor Druh Farrell and other City officials visited Vancouver, Portland and Seattle to learn more about how the Green Line can integrate into the neighbourhoods it will touch, and what pitfalls to avoid.

The video is full of great photos from her tour that help us imagine how the 5 options for the Green Line might look, and helps us add our better-educated voices to the upcoming consultation process. 

This video is well worth the full 41 minutes if you have time, but if not, make sure you see the first 16 minutes.



In the video we also hear about where we are in the process from Jonathan Lea, Senior Transit Planner on the Green Line Project. He points out that we have plans for a north rapid transit line dating back to the 1960s – and now that we have an approved route for the LRT what’s next?

  • Winter/spring 2016: The City plans extensive public engagement for the 30 communities affected by the 40-kilometre Green Line
  • Summer 2016: Recommendation for downtown route based on decision-making framework, public input and technical analysis
  • Fall 2016: Final report on study results to make a recommendation from 5 options for linking the new north leg to the existing south leg of LRT

January 26th, 2016
Updated: September 14th, 2017

The Green Line provides opportunities for much more than transporting people. It will transform neighbourhoods.