Main Streets YYC

Public input is shaping a street near you.

Calgarians have been offering ideas for better Main Streets during one of the largest public consultations to ever take place in Calgary – and you can still have a say in how the future looks.

The consultation continues in Fall 2016 as The City develops a strategy for the development of our 24 Main Streets identified in Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP). 

Since November 2014, over 2,200 participants have had 1,335 hours of robust discussion to share 4,505 ideas through:

  • 12 workshops
  • 612 completed surveys
  • 16 info sessions
  • 1834 online interactions


Most of our main Streets were built around streetcar lines, and they remain important to community vibrancy and efficient public transport. The MDP outlines a vision of Calgary as a connected, compact city, and Main Streets are integral to our growth over the next 50 - 60 years.

They also reflect our civic character with unique businesses; they act as centres of employment and human interaction, and attract tourists. They also represent a significant portion of a community’s property tax base, helping to maintain a healthy economy in Calgary.



> Discover the Main Street nearest you on this interactive map


So what’s next?

The early public input has been documented in the report, “Main Streets Initiative, What we’ve learned.” The City’s team is refining solutions and planning implementation. And there’s continued public consultation this fall.

Read the in-depth reports on each of the 24 Main Streets at, and subscribe for updates and invitations to future public events. 

July 11th, 2016
Updated: September 14th, 2017

The City is analyzing the needs and researching the economics for the future development on 24 Calgary Main Streets.