One clear voice for the building industry

CHBA and UDI unite as one to help shape Calgary’s future.

The two industries responsible for the growth and development of Calgary are now officially speaking with one voice. Their nearly 700 member companies voted to form one organization from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) - Calgary Region and Urban Development Institute (UDI) - Calgary.

The goal of the new association remains the same as that of its two founding organizations – to help maintain housing choice and affordability in the city and region.

“This creates a stronger, unified industry voice. Focused advocacy on behalf of our members can only be a positive for Calgarians and Albertans in the housing market.”

- Guy Huntingford, CEO of UDI - Calgary.

The Smarter Growth Initiative (SGI) is one of the ways CHBA and UDI have been working together already. SGI is a collaborative effort between the two associations to foster important conversations around Calgary’s urban growth and development. The amalgamation allows for continued innovation to ensure industry, The City of Calgary and all Calgarians are together envisioning the best possible built environment as the region matures.

 “The synergy of our two organizations has resulted in some terrific benefits already. An example of this is our highly successful partnership in the Smarter Growth Initiative, which has helped engage Calgarians in dialogue around the challenges in building a great city. This will only be enhanced going forward.”

- Donna Moore, CEO of CHBA - Calgary Region


 Together, CHBA and UDI are the respected voice shaping Calgary’s future.

March 8th, 2016
Updated: September 18th, 2017

An amalgamation of two member associations makes for one clear voice.