Diverse Dwellings in our Future

Industry voices discuss whether Calgary should grow up, or out.

Calgary is currently growing by 40,000 people each year. Some of those newcomers will want to live the urban lifestyle, some will want yards, nearby parks and community centres. And those of us here already definitely want to choose our housing style.

Some voices in the industry and government are telling us that the average Calgarian wants inner-city condo living over the suburban lifestyle. Others think not.

In the article “Calgarians deserve variety in housing options, developers suggest” several industry heavyweights weigh in and discuss what Calgarians want. What do you think?

Let’s hope City Planners and industry find a way to keep our options open.

“I think with proper planning, Calgary can sustainably grow both up and out, and provide all Calgarians with the type of home they desire.”

Cole Haggins, general manager of Cedarglen Living

October 23rd, 2014
Updated: September 14th, 2017

Marty Hope of the Calgary Herald highlights the need for all kinds of housing.