Planning Process

Who’s responsible for ensuring sustainable growth?

The planning process is lengthy and complex – so lengthy and complex that The City and the Federation of Calgary Communities co-published a 211-page Community Guide to the Planning Process.

And if you are a real keener, you can even become a certified Partner in Planning. The City of Calgary offers free courses to cover all the basics of planning, open to anyone.

Layers of innovation, influence, checks and balances contribute to planning Calgary’s urbanization.

First comes The Province’s Municipal Government Act (MGA) to guide how municipalities operate. It includes rules that affect us every day, like land development and services funding. The MGA is currently under review, and will be redrafted later this year to prepare for new legislation.

The MGA spawns a host of other frameworks and plans, including our Municipal Development Plan (MDP). It contains policies that will shape our growth and development over the next 60 years or so. You can read the whole thing, or better yet, watch the 22 short videos that explain it all. Here’s the first one:

From there it’s a maze of area plans, analysis, applications, permits and approvals.

Where do I fit in?

Public consultation and input (that’s you) happens all the way along the planning process. Your community association will advise you on input opportunities, and there are site notices, notifications of public hearings sent in letters or newspaper ads for all to see.

Find your opportunities on The City’s Engagement Resource Unit, contact your City Councillor, write the City Clerk – there are multiple ways to join the conversation.

October 23rd, 2014
Updated: September 14th, 2017

It's your city. In fact, you can become a certified Partner in Planning.