Report: Alberta Population Update

Still growing, but slowing.

Alberta Treasury Board and Finance has published a quarterly population report showing the moderation of our population increase. For the first time in 15 quarters, Alberta’s population growth didn’t outpace the rest of the country by a substantial margin. The numbers are still impressive, though, with 2.64% expansion overall.

So, what’s new?

  • Net inflows from other provinces were down almost 40% but we still welcomed 6,320 new residents from other parts of Canada
  • Alberta attracted 15.7% of all immigrants arriving in Canada (8,851 people), third behind Ontario and Quebec
  • The provincial population grew by 9,129 people this quarter thanks solely to natural increase

We are the country’s youngest province, and will remain youthful thanks to working-age immigration and our high birth rate. 

See the full report at Alberta Treasury Board and Finance.

January 9th, 2015
Updated: September 14th, 2017

Alberta’s growth is moderating but remains strong.