Second Social Kit for BILD Members

Hello BILD members,

Smarter Growth Initiative (SGI) has recently published articles that we'd love you to share on your social channels. Below are the images, links and sample copy; feel free to use them as they are, or write your own to put your brand “out front.”

SGI was created to increase awareness within the Calgary Region of the diverse challenges and perspectives on urban growth and development. Please help spread this information, and encourage your audiences to join the conversation.The Region is all of ours to build.

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1) Decoding Density
Shortened link:

  • What does density mean, what's "ideal," and who decides? Read @smarter_growth's article on Decoding Density:
  • Is higher or lower density better? There are proponents of both. Read more in @smarter_growth's article Decoding Density.
  • Goldilocks density, gentle density, and Growth Management Boards. Decode density in @smarter_growth's article below.


2) Dream Home: Single Family
Shortened link:

  • What do Canadian #homebuyers want in a new home? For the majority, they still prefer single-family dwellings. Read more:
  • Survey says: affordability, storage and open-concept kitchens. Read all about the latest findings in what Canadian homebuyers want in a new home.
  • Builders and developers use research to build for their market. Find out what homebuyers want in a new home from the latest national study:


3) Growth Management Board
Shortened link:

  • To plan for a growing #Alberta, the provincial government has mandated Growth Management Boards. Learn more in @smarter_growth's latest article:
  • Who decides what can be built on the borders of our cities? To plan for a growing Alberta, the provincial government has mandated Growth Management Boards. Learn more below.
  • Calgary is still growing significantly. Learn how the provincial government is managing that growth.


4) Building Nature 
Shortened link:

  • How do you bring nature into an urban setting? Read about the three key ideas that came out of a recent gathering in #Portland.
  • Designing cities to fit the natural world. Read about the role nature plays in cities:
  • 3 big ideas around the role nature plays in cities. Read on:

5) Small and Smart
Shortened link:

  • What it comes to smart communities, is being small an advantage? Get the story on Cochrane’s Smarter Cities Challenge bid:
  • For Cochrane Mayor Jeff Genung, it was a town effort in creating a Smart Cities Challenge bid. Read up on why Cochrane might be the new "Wired West."
  • Cochrane is developing a proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge, which encourages Canadian communities to utilize technology. Read more below.

6) Building Economic Diversity 
Shortened link: 

  • Learn about how #Calgary has become much more economically diverse thanks to the local building industry. 
  • Jobs, wages and more. Get the low-down on what the construction industry accounts for in regards to Calgary's economy:

7) Secondary Suite Reform
Shortened link:

  • Following a vote on March 12th, property owners now deal directly with the @cityofcalgary's planning department for applications. Read more about what changes in the secondary suite bylaw mean:
  • The change in the #secondarysuite application process brings Calgary close to the goals set out in the Municipal Development Plan - to be a more connected, prosperous, compact city. Do you agree?
  • Diversity, affordability and vibrancy are just a few potential outcomes of secondary suites. Read more, plus get updated on the application process, in case you missed it:

8) Climate Action in Calgary
Shortened link:

  • The City of Calgary plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. Is this a realistic goal for an energy centre?
  • Two scholars argue the City of Calgary's carbon-reduction goals are within reach, not through dramatic changes, but through strategic decisions and thoughtful planning. Read more:


April 26th, 2018