What’s Happening in Your Hood?

The Planning and Development Map knows what’s up.

Want to know what new developments are going on in your neighbourhood? Curious about new permits, redesigns, and building activity in your favourite YYC spots? The very cool, interactive, and publicly available Planning and Development Map has all the answers.

Sorted by communities, wards, or both — the map offers filters like “Redesignation Applications,” and “Development Permit Applications” to make searching easy. A numerical system that shifts as you zoom in draws attention to areas with the most activity, and each individual location is clickable for more information.

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Not surprisingly, the inner city has the most development underway with over 50 individual development sites between Chinatown and Inglewood, but there are plenty of other areas also experiencing significant change. The area between Silver Springs and Confederation park, for example, is undergoing significant redesignations, and multiple new single dwelling permits. 

While the sheer amount of information available with this map is impressive on its own, an especially helpful feature is the “Status” offered at the bottom of each site.  Updates like “Application Pending,” or “Under Review” give us an idea of what stage the project is at, and sometimes, offer extra information like road closures

There are many reasons to be in-the-know about changes in your city, whether you aim to become an expert, or you’re just interested in your neighbour’s new project. Either way, this map is your go-to resource for all things development and planning in YYC.

July 7th, 2017
Updated: September 18th, 2017

The Planning and Development Map Keeps you In-the-know.