What’s a MAC?

Creating community with major activity centres.

Major Activity Centres, or MACs, are defined as “an urban centre for a sub-region of the city providing opportunities for people to work, live, shop, recreate, be entertained and meet their daily needs”. Over the next few months, you’ll be hearing more about them as developers complete detailed plans for the West District and the University of Calgary’s West Campus.

Richard White, known as the Everyday Tourist blogger and contributor to the Calgary Herald, does a great job explaining important “new” terms like MAC (Major Activity Centre) and demystifying density targets and how the new West District will meet them.

Created by Truman Developments, West District is an “infill MAC” designed to enliven the communities of West Springs and Cougar Ridge. After a successful public engagement period, the “complete community” plan has been proposed for this particular part of the city where residents will be able to live, work and play.

And it’s a winner on the financial front, too.

“West District will add an estimated $550 million in new residential and business taxes during the next 50 years… The additional half billion dollars can be used for new or enhanced parks, recreation centres, as well as new buses or roads across the city — everyone benefits from mega infill developments like West District.

Read the original article from The Calgary Herald and White’s blog post and see if you agree that the West District solution for attractive, affordable, accessible housing in a vibrant package will make Calgary even better. 

December 24th, 2014
Updated: September 14th, 2017

Mini-downtowns sprinkled through Calgary provide opportunities to work, live and play in one area.